JKA of Silicon Valley dan test
November 11, 2006

You'll need QuickTime 7 to play the 320x180, 480x270, and 800x450 videos, or an up-to-date free software video player. You can save these files to your computer by right-button clicking on the link and selecting "Download", "Save As" or whatever your browser calls this. Once it's downloaded, double-click on the file and it will play in QuickTime Player.

For the DVD disk image, expect 4-10 hours download time from most high-speed home connections. Browsers like Firefox and Safari can resume a download that stopped before finishing -- if you have trouble downloading these massive disk image files, use these browsers and you can restart a download that stops early. Once you have the disk image downloaded, use a program like Nero or Roxio Easy CD Creator on Windows, cdrecord on Unix, or Disk Utility on Mac OS X to burn the image to a blank DVD-R or DVD+R. You'll need a blank DVD-R/DVD+R disc and a DVD burner drive in your computer, of course. After all that, you can watch the DVD on any regular TV and DVD player.

The video is 34 minutes long: 320x180 video (220MB); 480x270 video (294MB); 800x450 video (470MB); DVD disk image (1.7GB - 1,715,765,248 bytes)

Proctors: Masataka Mori, Jon Keeling, Fred Borda.
Testing: Bao Luu, Kai Noeske, Ekapol Rojpiboonphun, Jon Willson, Jean Nakamura, Ken Nakamura.

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