Lady Black Stars v. Fog City Sirens
February 5, 2011

A video of the Lady Black Stars v. Fog City Sirens game held at Nazareth Ice Oasis on February 5, 2011.

Lady Black Stars: Gretchen Tornabene, Jennifer Maylard, Jessica Fitzgibbons, Laura Johnston, Vivian Kam, Sheri Oberleas, Emily Rennie, Sharleen Rubin, Andrea Finatti, Carrie Roscelli, Linda Kallenberger, Catherine Harkins.

Fog City Sirens: Susie Wee, Julie Juarez, Francine Wan, Angel Sheridan, Lisa Scotch, Shauna McKimmie, Charlotte Shimada, Heidi Morse, Tammy Cracknell, Jana Maxell, Liz Newton, Annie Marsh, Breanne Doyle, Kathleen Hayashibara.

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Entire Game (53 minutes)
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