Randy Chan vs. Jason Molenda in net
August 20, 2007

For the last consolation game of the Spring/Summery 2007 playoffs, we Jason Molenda and Randy Chan jumped into goalie gear for maximum fun. It was Randy's second time in net. Our regular goalies, Julie Moore and Mark "Red" Byer, skated out and became unstoppable scoring machines.

Randy Chan's defensive zone video (all footage near his net)
[iPhone] [480x270] [800x450]
Eric Lier, Matt Di Paola, Mike Waldo, Yuping "Ping" He, Teresa Torres, Tony Crossler, Mark "Red" Byer, Toben Green, Ken Spindola, Adam Zetter, Annette Defayette, Craig Sebenik, Stephanie "Steph" Cinereski, Jeannette Defayette, Nate Davies, Jon Wood, John Kim, Cathie Miller, Alan Sbarra.

Jason Molenda's defense zone video (all footage near his net)
[iPhone] [480x270] [800x450]
Stephanie "Steph" Cinereski, Jon Wood, Julie Moore, Tony Crossler, Alan Sbarra, Cathie Miller, Mike Waldo, Ken Spindola, Jeannette Defayette, Mark "Red" Byer, Teresa Torres, Nate Davies, John Kim, Yuping "Ping" He, Adam Zetter, Toben Green, Eric Lier, Annette Defayette, Craig Sebenik, Matt Di Paola.

A few highlights:

Spindola v. Randy aka "You weren't even close!": iPhone, 480x270, 800x450
Crash scores: iPhone Apple TV 480x270 800x450
Steph & Red score: 800x450
Jason's nightmare: 800x450

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