Video of two Labor Day Tournament games at Ice Oasis
September 4, 2006

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For 3rd and 4th places: It's Not Easy Being Green v. Yellow Snow
49 minutes: 800x450 video (685MB)
Players: Raphael Durand, Doug Whitmore, EJ Gann, Eric Christopher, Felicia Kemp, John Gann, Jon Hryn, Molly Hryn, Sandy Whitmore, Shauna McKimmie, Susan Catalano; Jamie Karp, Aaron "Tonto" Gibby, Bob Moriarty, Chip Mesec, Dan Malone, Emiko "Emmie" Moriarty, Joan West, Niklas "Nick" Waltasaari, Rob Trice, Walter "Wally" Whiteside, Wendy Trice.
For 1st and 2nd places: Family v. Teal Trixx
55 minutes: 800x450 video (765MB)
Players: Al Reis, Alan Nolet, Brian Ellingwood, Debbie Lee McCrary, John Koval, Craig Woods, Joe Carpenter, Marc Hary, Shoshanah "Shosh" Cohen, Thomas Burns; Travis McGinty, Annette Defayette, Janette Defayette, Jared Goodin, Jeanne Whitmer, Brian MacDonald, Kevin Whitmer, Kristen Lee, Mario Sancheri, Mike Whitmer, Rob Genovesi.

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