Video of two Labor Day Tournament games at Ice Oasis
September 3, 2006

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Baldwin's Big White Buns v. Footballs of Beer
55 minutes: 800x450 video (800MB)
Players: Ed McKnight, Steve Bell, Bill Murray, Gary Ahern, Jonas Sicking, Paul Gibson, Stuart Parmenter, Su Lin Wilkinson, Tancha McKnight, Tom D'Orsi, Vicki Chang, Helen Shaughnessy; Julie Moore, Alex, Amy Weiher, Cathie Miller, Dan Yen, Jana Maxell, Jon Maxell, Julie Brodeur, Matt Di Paola, Mike Neil.
Bonus: Steve Bell proposes to Vicki Chang:
[quarter res (25MB)],
[half res (54MB)],
[three quarter res (81MB) - fast computer needed to play smoothly]
[Ken Spindola's footage (15MB)]
(at the first faceoff Dave Low drops the ring box instead of a puck; Steve has the actual ring in his hockey glove)

Gray v. It's Not Easy Being Green
51 minutes: 800x450 video (745MB)
Players: Rob Lahey, Adam Zetter, Brad Hannah, Daryl Ong, Glen Filson, Tim Eastman, John Filson, Lynne Filson, Mike Pliam, Peter Bierman, Shayla Filson; Raphael Durand, Doug Whitmore, EJ Gann, Eric Christopher, Felicia Kemp, John Gann, Jon Hryn, Molly Hryn, Sandy Whitmore, Shauna McKimmie, Susan Catalano.

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