Both Saturday afternoon games at Ice Oasis
August 26, 2006

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Sidewinders v. Mirage
1 hour: 800x450 video (856MB)
Players: Mark "Red" Byer, Sharyn Efimoff, Susi Guzsella, Kate Fiedelman, Emiko "Emmie" Moriarty, Sophia "Sophie" Titterton; Erin Hasenkamp, Su Lin Wilkinson, Nicole Black, Debbie Lee McCrary, Jeanne "Jeannie" Di Paola, Shauna McKimmie, Molly Hryn.
Desert Thieves v. Blades
57 minutes: 480x270 video (509MB)
Players: Erin Hasenkamp, Becky Ray, Susan Catalano, Gwen Young, Jeanne Whitmer, Jennifer "Evil Jen" Brabson, Amy Chow; Mark "Red" Byer, Kim Wallace, Anne Dickson, Leslie Case, Jeanne "Jeannie" Di Paola, Meaghan Verdugo.
Bonus clip from the game: Tony starts tipping players over.

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