Two Friday night league games
August 11, 2006

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Otters v. Yaks
1 hour 1 minute: 480x270 (564MB)
Players: Jim Pozzobon, Jana "Of The Jungle" Maxell, Chuck Jewett, Craig Woods, Malcolm McGinnis, Gary Goldstein, Jon Maxell, Ming Chow, Chris Chu Lin, Paul Gibson, Adam Zetter, Raphael Durand, Yaks #4, Thomas Burns, Louie Gasparini, Don Sadlowski, Leslie Case, Derek "Double D" Daily, Richard Kwong, Jennifer "Evil Jen" Brabson, Steve Candler, Danny Savard.
Old Timers v. Shamrocks
1 hour 3 minutes: 480x270 (573MB)
Players: Ray Moore, Rex Mann, James Silliman, Rob Latham, Shauna McKimmie, Walter "Wally" Whiteside, Mike Bendy, Dave Tesarowski, Arron Campi, Dave Chang, Greg "Rockstar" Alsing, Helen Shaughnessy, Jack McKeown, Ray Sbrana, Paul Gibson, Ajax Dempsey.

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