Chiefs v. Team Mozilla
Feb 3, 1999

Partial roster: Chiefs - Angela Thomas, David Webster, Mike Perone, David Brumley, Chris Baldwin, Andan Lauber. Mozilla - Leif, Tim Spencer, Dan Mosedale, Michelle Wyner.

Video of a Chiefs v. Team Mozilla game at Rollin Ice in San Jose, CA: QuickTime (539MB) or H.264 (for iPhone etc) (564MB).

I cajoled Sandy Wambold and Zippy into recording a commentary track while the game was going on; they used a Sony MZ-R50 MiniDisc player/recorder. The video was recorded with a JVC GR-DVL9000 MiniDV camcorder whose autofocus sensor had just started to go on the fritz. The video wavers out of focus for multiple seconds at a time in this video.

I imported the audio in Sep 2009 via a Sound Devices USBPre (getting it off of the MD player analog) and combined the audio+video in Final Cut. I didn't bother to ride the audio levels for a real mix; this is good enough. I brightened the video a bit to make it easier to see people's faces but I didn't bother trying to maintain the original contrast.

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