A few video clips from the 2005 Shinkyu Karate Tournament. All encoded in H.264; QuickTime Player 7 (very new) required.

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Ekapol Rojpiboonphun, Jion: quarter-size (8MB), half-size (16MB).
Navaline Quach, Heian Godan: quarter-size (7.5MB), half-size (13MB).
Kai Noeske, Bassai Dai: quarter-size (8MB), half-size (16MB).
Lance Cheung, Jion: quarter-size (9MB), half-size (16MB).
Allen Nunley, Matsumura Sakugawa bo kata: half-size (21MB).
Kei Imamura, Unsu: half-size (16MB).

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