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Benjamin and Abigail's Wedding
November 22, 2002

A few of the CA krew trucked out to Chicago for Abigail Derecho (Abigail De Kosnik) and Benjamin Kosnik's excellent wedding. Included in the photos are some folks like Greg Bolsinga, Alex Petit-Bianco, Patty Franzoia, Jason Merrill and Elizabeth Hunter, and Jason Molenda. I've included a few photos that Jason Merrill grabbed with his digicam.

At the reception, Abigail surprised everyone by singing her version of the Rogers & Hammerstein tune, ``A Wonderful Guy'' to Benjamin.

Alexandre Petit-Bianco took some very cool photos.

Edwin Derecho shot a wedding video as a gift to Benjamin and Gail; you can download it here:

Also downloadable is all the wedding photos shot by Alex Petit-Bianco, Eileen Kosnik, Greg Bolsinga, Jason Merrill, Jason Molenda, Matthew Kosnik, and Shane Herman. 831MB.

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