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Lesa and Kevin Wall's wedding
May 18, 2002

This is a selection of 91 out of the 320 photos shot by Jason Molenda at Lesa and Kevin's wedding; a random selection of the photos which turned out well. They are PictureCD scans done by Kodak when the film was processed.

Included in the photos are Lesa's sisters (Nora Korff, Debra Klick), Lesa's brother (Gary Korff), Lesa's parents (Eugene and Elnora Korff), Lesa's cousin (David Krause), Lesa's son (Dale Farmer), and Lesa's maitron of honor (Inez Kent). Kevin's parents (Rosalise and Peter Molenda), Kevin's brothers (Jason and Nathan Molenda).

You can easily move between pictures by pressing "n" to move to the next photo and "p" to move to the previous photo.

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