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San Jose Library Grand Opening
August 16, 2003

As a part of the grand opening, the artist responsible for coordinating and creating the art, Mel Chin, as well as some local political figures gave a short talk, followed by a tour of a few of the thirty-some art pieces located throughout the new Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library.

Mel showed us a lot of the pieces across the museum including (third floor) Self-Help Mirrors, Page Passage, Vessel, Round Up; (fifth floor) Golden Gate, Skeptacle, Steinbeck's Fissure, Beethoven's Inner Ear; (sixth floor) Gong & Scale, Sour Grapes; (seventh floor) Wise Cracks, English Lit, Owl of Minerva; (eighth floor) Vermin Miller Chairs, Tectonic Tables, Underground Books, In & Out, and Zeno's Books. He probably continued a bit further, but we bailed after Round Up on the third floor.

The library has added a great summary of the art pieces in the library, be sure to check it out for more information about the various installations.

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