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Petar, Svetla and Jason buy a couple Prius cars
January 21, 2007

While visiting my upstairs neighbors last week they mentioned that they were going to go buy a Prius in a couple days. I have to keep up with the Karafezovs so I went along and got one too. They got a red one so of course I got a red one. Here are a few photos from when Petar and I went to pick them up from the dealer the next day.

Petar and Svetla's Prius looks identical to mine so we just posed in front of either car at random and the captions claim it as our own. That can make the captioning a little confusing to follow but keep in mind that there are two separate cars - just one of them is in the photo most of the time.

You can flip through the photos quickly by pressing "n" for the next photo and "p" for the previous photo.

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