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A Little Infrared Fun
May 15, 2004

Brian Smith and I went shopping at the local photography stores. I'd been hankering to play with infrared again, so I picked up a 75mmx75mm Lee Filters 87C polyester technical filter and a technical filter holder for my lenses. The 87C really blocks the visible wavelengths; I have a feeling that the 87 would block less and might have been a better choice - exposure times are really, really long with the 87C mounted.

The in-camera exposure metering seems to be pretty unreliable; Brian snapped a photo at the start that was properly exposed but the rest of the time I got huge underexposure. Except for the first photo, I relied on the in-camera histograms to tweak manual exposures, iterating until I got a well exposed historgram reading.

The only lens I used was my default, the 35mm f2, on my Nikon D100. All the photos came out looking very very magenta; I made them grayscale in Photoshop.

Brian's back yard

Brian's back yard



Jason (non-infrared for comparison)

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