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Ice Oasis Repainting
December 23-24, 2006

Photos and time-lapse video of the ice cut-down and repainting at Ice Oasis. The cutting started at 7pm on Saturday and finished around 8:30am Sunday. Painting wrapped up around 2:30pm and was followed by sealing the paint and then the gradual layering of the new ice surface. Flooding the rink continued through Wednesday morning. Thanks to Eugene Gershtein for helping with still photos and for the idea of doing a time-lapse video of the entire process.

Time lapse video: QuickTime 376x250 (38MB); QuickTime 752x500 (82MB); QuickTime 1504x1000 (198MB); YouTube.
One second in the video corresponds to ninety seconds of real time.

You can flip through the photos quickly by pressing "n" for the next photo and "p" for the previous photo.

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