Jason Molenda's home page.

Jason Molenda

I am... Jason Molenda.
I live in... San Jose, the San Francisco Bay Area, California.
I work for... Apple.
Photos are... here.
Videos are... here.
Makethumbs is... here.
e-mail address is... jason at hostname "molenda.com".
Stuff I like this week includes... Magnetic Fields Decemberists Art Brut Believer Quannum McSweeneys Zorn Indymedia Malcolm Herzog ACLU Vaclav Kid606 von Trier Chomsky Bookfair Ruby Parkett

I've lived in Minneapolis, west Tokyo, Mountain View, downtown Tokyo, and finally San Jose.
I've worked at Minnesota Supercomputer Institute, Pana-Sequent, Cygnus Support, Cygnus Japan, Cygnus Solutions, and finally Apple.

That's about all there is to me.

Last modified: 2005-07-21